vendredi 11 avril 2008


Le sommaire:

Phrack Prophile on The UNIX TerroristTCLH
Phrack World NewsTCLH
Stealth Hooking: another way to subvert the Windows kernelmxatone & ivanlefou
Clawing holes in NAT with UPnPFelineMenace
The only laws on Internet are assembly and RFCsjulia
Hacking the System Management ModeBSDaemon & coideloko & d0nand0n
Mystifying the debugger for ultimate stealthnesshalfdead
Australian Restricted Defense Networks and FISSOThe Finn
Phook - The PEB Hookershearer & dreg
Hacking the $49 Wifi Finderopenschemes
Art of exploitation: Technical analysis of Samba WINS overflowmax packetz
The Underground Mythanonymous
Hacking your brain: Artificial Conciousness-C
International Scenesvarious

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